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Yousif Almas

Department of Computing
School of Electronics and Physical Sciences
University of Surrey
Surrey GU2 7XH

Building AA. Level 03
Room 21AA03
Tel:  01483-68-2695
Fax: 01483-68-6051

 Centre for Knowledge Management

 Yousif Almas holds a BSc. degree in Computer Science from University of Bahrain and an MSc. degree in Information Systems from University of Surrey. He has served in the IT/IS sector for five years in both academia and industry with the Bahrain Science Centre, University of Bahrain and Arab Banking Corporation before starting his PhD studies. His research interests are in information extraction and visualisation for financial applications.



 The continuous accessible supply of news related to political, economic and financial status of organisations, nation states, and enterprises big and small, requires a systematic analysis of the news for making political, economic or financial decisions related to the organisations. News can be factual or may include the opinion of individuals who, in turn, may be independent observers or have vested interest.For instance, financial and economic news is a key input in the decisions made in the operations of financial markets; political news plays an inevitable role as well. Globalization of finance and trade has meant that the news, reports and speeches emanate from different parts of the world and in different languages

 My research deals with the extraction of subjective views about financial instruments and identifying various opportunities in the field of information extraction with respect to the continuous and accessible information. We specifically deal with a systematic approach to the so-called market sentiment analysis – a topic of equal importance to academics and practitioners interested in the movement of prices of financial instruments as well as to researchers in computer-based information extraction.



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  2. Ahmad, K., and Almas, Y., (2005) “Visualising Sentiments in Financial Texts?”, Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Information Visualisation, London, UK