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The World Wide Web's unexpected emergence and hectic growth have been one of the phenomena near the turn of the millenium. Barring some disaster, the future of the Web is very bright indeed. It's no wonder, therefore, that so much creative talent-and money-is being invested in it. Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML, usually pronounced vermal) is one of the best ways that 3D artists and animators can take advantage of the tremendous opportunity presented by the Web's growth.

VRML, as conceived by its creators, is much more than a method of displaying 3D models. It's conceptual system that might ultimately enable you to navigate the Web as one giant hypertext document. This is the real potential of  "cyberspace." In the future, web addresses will map to the interiors of personal or corporate 3D spaces within the context of borderless virtual world. This world continuously will be extended but will always be coherent and consistently navigable  because it is implemented in a common language-VRML.VRML is used nowadays widely in education, training, entertainment and business. If you want to find more about the goal and potential of VRML, go to Mark Pesce's site.        

Explore two of my VRML designs (VRML plug-in  must be installed):

vr1.jpg (2445 bytes)
In the future every architect  must show  a VR sample of the project before  starting  the construction phase of the project

vr2.jpg (1584 bytes)
In near future, before  ordering any product online you will be able to see it first virtually from any angle, and see how it functions before you order it